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A new book on the science of reading

Posted in Dyslexia, Reading Difficulty or Disorder, Reading Intervention, and The Science of Reading

Mark Seidenberg is a cognitive scientist and author of the book – Language at the Speed of Sight: How we read, Why so many can’t and What can be done about it.  Dr. Seidenberg discusses the science of reading and explains how instruction enables young children to build neural structures that allow them to become capable readers. 

The New York Times’ book review stated:

“Mr. Seidenberg makes a convincing case that we have learned more about reading and the brain in the past two decades than in the previous century. He also shows that our failure to use this new knowledge to improve how we teach children is causing real harm, especially to the most vulnerable. Every teacher of young children as well as those who train them should read this book.”

I am taking that advice.


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