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Children’s Books about Reading Difficulties or Dyslexia

A real-life story of a girl with dyslexia and the teacher who would not let her fail. 

Patricia Polacco is a successful children's book creator. As a child she could paint and draw beautifully, but reading was near impossible. Not until 7th grade did a teacher recognize that she had dyslexia. His name was Mr. Falker, and he encouraged her to overcome her reading disability. 

From School Library Journal for K - 4th graders

Adam starts school, and although he loves stories, he can't seem to get the words to make sense. Over the next few years, he slowly despairs of ever learning to read. Instead, he imagines that he is being held captive by an evil king who torments him with vowels. His parents hire tutors to help, but it isn't until a specialist comes in at the beginning of third grade and diagnoses him as dyslexic that things start to look up. For Adam, it has become a much bigger problem than just learning how to read - he must also find the self-confidence that years of failure have robbed from him. His new teacher helps him see that reading will always be hard for him, but that it is possible. The pastel illustrations adequately convey Adam's emotions. ...the subject matter is handled with respect for his feelings at every stage of the process, and does not oversimplify or sugarcoat the difficulties of dyslexia. 

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